Fees and Terms & Conditions are subject to change at any time. All enrolled students will be informed of any changes as they occur.


​By registering yourself and/or your child you have agreed to the terms and conditions listed below.

  • Term fees are NON Negotiable and are due before the commencement of the term. Fees are billed termly. Payment plan options are available but will incur an additional admin fee of 5% of the full term fee. If there are any questions relating to fees, please contact us: info@theatreozpm.com.au - 0490 441 724

  • Non-payment of fees by the due date (as indicated on all invoices) will result in further fees and charges being added.

  • Group classes run during the year regardless of an individual's attendance, thus planning, teaching fees and other running costs must be considered. Students who are enrolled in a group class and miss classes for any reason will not be refunded for the time/classes not attended.

  • Theatre Oz offers new students an Obligation Free Trial of classes and/or private lessons. This means students are welcome to trial a class or lesson charged at the appropriate fee, without any obligation to commit to the full term/year. Obligation Free Trials are subject to availability. Please contact us to arrange an Obligation Free Trial:  info@theatreozpm.com.au - 0490 441 724

  • Withdrawal from classes must be sent via email to info@theatreozpm.com.au by the start of Week 3 of the term. Withdrawals received after this date will be invoiced at a prorated fee of 70% of the full term fees. Withdrawals received before the start of week 3 will be invoiced for any classes the student attended. 

  • When you complete an enrolment, Theatre Oz assumes you will be committing to the entire year to experience our full program. We will continue to keep you/your child on the attendance rolls and charge the termly fees unless we are notified otherwise. 

  • Most group classes are planned around the Yearly Showcase performance, thus full commitment to attendance is expected, the only exception being unavoidable situations e.g. illness, emergencies.

  • The Yearly Showcase will be held on the Saturday and Sunday of Week 8, Term 3, every year. Please notify us immediately if there are any conflicts.

Terms & Conditions 

  • Please come to your class wearing clothing (pants/tights/shorts) that you are able to move comfortably in. This will ensure that you get the most out of your class.

  • Theatre Oz t-shirts are mandatory for all Junior, Pre-Senior Senior and Advanced Performers Program Group Classes. 

  • All students must remove shoes before walking on the studio floor. All personal items including shoes, must be placed in the cubed shelving provided. 

  • Please be on time to class to ensure you get the benefit of the full class program.

  • Parents are not permitted to sit and watch classes. We believe this gives young people the freedom to develop without the pressure of observation from others not participating in the class.

  • Parents/guardians must collect their child after class. If Theatre Oz staff are required to supervise students outside of scheduled class time, we will charge accordingly for the extra time spent supervising your child.

Group Classes

  • While students are free to participate in other activities outside of Theatre Oz, regular attendance is expected for classes, lessons, rehearsals and performances.

Commitment to activities
outside of Theatre Oz

  • Please choose an available and suitable time slot for your private lesson. Please understand that you are reserving an exclusive weekly time in our schedule and we cannot resell that time, nor can we easily create extra teaching time in which to provide lessons. Thus, a termly commitment is expected.

  • Lessons are scheduled as a Google Calendar event and shared with the parent/student via email and online calendars that are linked to your email address provided to Theatre Oz.

  • Fees for lessons missed are payable.


As a a termly commitment is expected, fees are payable for any remaining lessons cancelled during the term. 

  • Make up lessons cannot be offered for lessons missed or cancelled by the student.

  • Make up lessons may be offered at the mentor’s discretion for lessons cancelled by the Mentor or Theatre Oz.

  • If you are late to your lesson, the time missed will not be made up.

Private Lesson Policy