About the Show

Welcome to our Theatre Oz performance space!

Tonight's show  will feature Theatre Oz singing students, and Theatre Oz's mentors.

Please show your support to these performers with huge applause and cheer.

We hope you all enjoy😊


The Theatre Oz Team

Today’s Performers

Jhet Lynch
Melody Waller
Alira Neale
Seanna Fitzpatrick
Frieda Dudfield
Olivia Willis

Milla Bourne

Alee Traneer

Brinkley McHugh
Alee Kolk
Daisy Loman
Kye Dennis
Emily Chan
Isla Wilkinson

Lexie Fowler

Milla Bourne




Craig M.


Your Favourite songs

Waiting On a Miracle - Encanto
Beauty & the Beast - Evermore
Into The Unknown – Frozen
Monologue - Mary Poppins
When Will My Life Begin – Tanlged
I See the Light – Tangled
Almost There – The Princess & The Frog
Baby Mine – Dumbo
We Don’t Talk About Bruno -Encanto
God Help the Outcasts – Hunchback of Notre Dame
Poor Unfortunate Souls – The Little Mermaid
Me – Beauty & The Beast
First Time in Forever - Frozen

You'll Be In My heart - Tarzan
How Far I'll Go - Moana
Part of Your World - The Little Mermaid
Reflection - Mulan
Friends On The Other Side - The Princess & The Frog

Thank you for supporting & watching

Thank you to all performers and mentors!

Thank you PMHC and all Artwalk organisers for providing such an amazing platform for artists.

Thank you Craig M.Wood accompanying all performers with your magical fingers.

And thank you all audience and supporters of the arts.