Plot Summary


A merchant of Syracuse, Egeon, suffered a shipwreck some years ago in which he was separated from his wife, Emilia, from one of his twin sons, later Antipholus of Ephesus, and the son's slave, Dromio of Ephesus. The other slave's twin, Dromio of Syracuse and Egeon's remaining son, Antipholus of Syracuse, remained with Egeon. When he came of age, Antipholus of Syracuse was allowed to go in search of his lost brother. After a period of time, Egeon then set out after his remaining son, and the play begins as we learn of Egeon's capture and his condemnation to death by Duke Solinus in the hostile city of Ephesus. The details of Egeon's story move Solinus to pity, and he grants a reprieve until nightfall, by which time a ransom of a thousand marks must be raised.

The twists of plot arise when Antipholus of Syracuse arrives with his slave in Ephesus, where Antipholus's twin brother, together with his wife Adriana and their twin slave reside. Confusion mounts upon confusion: Antipholus of Syracuse abuses Dromio of Ephesus for nagging him to go home for dinner; Adriana locks her real husband out of their home because she takes the Syracusan twin for the Ephesian: it is the other Dromio's turn now to be beaten; Antipholus of Ephesus refuses to pay for a gold chain he had ordered (it was delivered to his brother) and so is arrested. As the situation grows more and more bewildering with everyone certain that everyone else is totally mad, the moment for Egeon's execution is quickly approaching. Antipholus of Ephesus demands that the Duke intercede for him. Egeon sees his son as a last minute savior, but is of course not recognized by him. In the end, the Syracusan twins emerge from an abbey where they had taken refuge, and the complications are resolved. The Abbess, who turns out to be Egeon's long-lost wife Emilia, invites them all at the end to discuss this "one day's error" and "make full satisfaction."


Character List

Solinus, Duke of Ephesus

Duke (Solinus) of Ephesus rules his town with great respect for law, insisting that he cannot go against the set rules even if he wishes to, though he is willing to bend them a little on occasion. 



Egeon is an old man of Syracuse who sneaks into the city to seek for his lost twin son Antipholus. 


Antipholus of Ephesus

Antipholus of Ephesus was brought up in Corinth, never knowing his father, and brought to Ephesus by Duke Menaphon of Corinth. 


Antipholus of Syracuse

Antipholus of Syracuse is Egeon’s son. Separated from his twin at birth, at the age of eighteen he decided to travel the world to find him, and has been searching for him these last seven years. 


Dromio of Ephesus

Dromio of Ephesus is Antipholus of Ephesus’s slave. 


Dromio of Syracuse

Dromio of Syracuse is Antiopholus of Syracuse’s slave. 



Balthazar is a merchant of Ephesus and a friend of the local Antipholus. 



Angelo is a goldsmith in Syracuse, the maker of a fine gold chain commissioned by Antipholus of Ephesus. 


First Merchant

The First Merchant warns Antipholus of Syracuse to hide his identity, given the penalty for a Syracusian to be caught in Ephesus. He leaves his traveling companion to take care of some business, though promising to join him again in the evening.


Second Merchant

The Second Merchant is on the verge of a journey to Persia, and therefore needs every penny he can get. 


Doctor Pinch

Pinch is a conjurer and exorcist hired by Adriana to cure Antipholus of Epheseus of his madness. 



Abbess Aemilia is an abbess in Ephesus, highly respected by all. 



Adriana is Antipholus of Ephesus’s wife, and a proto-feminist distraught that her husband is paying attention to another woman and irritated that men are not as bound as women are, nor women as free as men. 



Luciana is Adriana’s sister, and dwells with her and Antipholus of Epheseus. 


A Courtezan counts Antipholus of Epheseus among her favored clients, and entertains him often enough to make his wife jealous. 



The Jailer has custody of Egeon, and accompanies him in his search for someone to pay his ransom. 


Man Servant

Servant to Adriana and Luciana


The Officer is a debt recovery officer, who can be hired to arrest defaulters.


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Saoirse Barltrop

Antipholus Of Syracuse


Reuben Reed

Dromio Of Syracuse

Nina Lindley

Antipholus of Ephesus


Luca Garcia- Kytola

Dromio of Ephesus


Grace Cooke



Jhet Lynch



Matteo Donati

Man Servant


Jack Kirk

Doctor Pinch, The Duke


Harrison Whicker

Egeon, Doctor Pinch Assistant


Kate Petrie

Courtesan, Emelia


Matilda Shields

Balthazar, Officer, Jailer


Kye Dennis

1st & 2nd Merchant


Lillie Merrell


Costume Designer

Sophie Anderson

The Comedy of Errors Emu costume was designed and made by the super creative Sophie Anderson.

Working closely with the creative team, the vision for the set and costumes we're were to represent an exaggerated outback scene and vibe, with rough around the edges and a little bit quirky.

Sophie worked in productions to create the set and some costumes and props for Shrek The Musical, a costume for Beauty and the Beast and a prop for The Jungle Book.

Sophie is looking to continue working with productions and studying Applied Fashion Design at TAFE then University. I'm working towards a career following my passion in the costume field.

Sophie Anderson
Costume Designer


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